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Click a teacher's name below to access his or her web site.  Because these links are currently being updated, some teachers will not yet have a web site listed.  

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 Teacher  Area
 Ada, Sarah   English
 Alexander, Jean  Math
 Anderson, Zachary  English
 Armes, Matt  Physical Education
 Ashford, Rita  Foreign Language
 Babcock, Danielle  Math
 Baker, Alan  Science
 Bartlett, Trinia  Math 
 Bretsch, Andrew  Special Education
 Bennett, Katie  Special Education
 Bero, Anita  Science
 Burdick, Dustin  Communications Center
 Burgess, Julie  Physical Education
 Burt, Meredith   English
 Cavellier, Stacy  Health
 Cocco, Kathryn  Social Studies
 Stanton, Kerry  English
 Connolly, Rebecca  Foreign Language
 Cuppernell, Kyle  Social Studies
 Decker, David  Social Studies
 DeForest, Craig  Technology
 Dusharm, Barry  Science
 Elcsisin, Linda  Family & Consumer Science
 Erdman, Andrea  Music
 Everett, Christine  Social Studies
 Felder, Lori  Math & Resource/Consultant
 Ferraro, Cynthia  Foreign Language
 Fisher, Greg  Social Studies
 Folino, Jillian  6-12 Mathematics Instructional Coach
 Frank, Tina  Library Media Specialist
 Farr, Kristie  Theatre
 Fults, Joe  Driver Education
 Godin, Amanda  Math
 Hall, Kimberly  Resource/Consultant
 Heck, Charles  Music
 Hirt, Nicole  Agriculture / Environmental Science
 Hurley, Natalie  Math
 Inserra, Andrea  Science
 Jones, Beth  Science
 Kenyon, Austin  Resource / Consultant
 Kenyon, Stefanie  Resource / Consultant
 Kiechle, Dawn  Foreign Language
 Kittle, Darci  Math
 Kloster, Sherry  Foreign Language
 Kuba, Robert  Science
 Latremore, Donald  Science
 Lesperance, Amy  School Psychologist 
 Lloyd, Shavon  Music
 MacKinnon, Heather  Reading Lab
 MacNay, Margaret  ENL
 Maine-Motes, Jean  Social Studies
 Maphey, John  Resource / Consultant
 Marsell, Cory  Physical Education
 Matteson, Troy  Math
 McIntyre, Carrie  Resource / Consultant
 Meeks, Tyna  Science
 Milkowich, Kelly  Resource / Consultant
 Moore, Tricia  Dance / Jazz Rock 
 Mossow, Laurie   English
 Pierce, Penni  Science
 Porter, Laura  Social Studies
 Pratt-Neaves, Morgan  Social Studies
 Prusinowski, Dan  Science
 Remley, Jonathan  Technology
 Rowley, Rebecca  Art
 Rowsam, Ashley   Music
 Sherman, Erika  Math
 Slate, Suanne  Business
 Stechyshyn, Steven  Business
 Struchen, Michael  English
 Thomaris, Robert  Social Studies
 Thornthwaite, Nancy  Foreign Language
 Trudeau, Bobbi  Science
 Trudell, Ashley     Music
Turnbull, Lindsay  Art
 Tuttle, Kelly  Art
 VanCour, Ciara  Social Studies
 Wittbrodt, Nicole  English
 Wood, Jessica  Math
 Zehr, Sara Foreign Language

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