All of the following can be taken to work toward a 5 unit Social Studies sequence which would constitute a major.

Jews poland

Holocaust Studies

This is a one semester course.

Prerequisite Global 9/10

This course focuses on the Nazi Holocaust, 1933-1945, including:

1) history of anti-Semitism from 2nd century -- 20th century

2)the relationship between Christianity and Judaism

3)the study of human beings in general and their interaction between good and evil

4) the danger of indifference

There will be a variety of readings, both fiction and non-fiction, and some graphic viewing material. World History & Geography I and II is a prerequisite. Student assessments will be based on discussions, essay writing and two research projects.



This is a one semester course.

Psychology explores and studies inpidual human behavior, our everyday activities and our feelings. This is a course that answers questions about YOUR behavior and the behavior of those around you. Major units of study include: sleep and dreams, memory, abnormal psychology and the criminal mind, altered states of consciousness, the human life cycle and death and dying.

The content of the course will be explored in a variety of class activities, including: discussion, role playing, essays, projects, AV presentations, extended time tasks, research, simulations and guest speakers. Teacher made tests and a school exam will also be used to assess students achievement.



This is a one semester course.

Sociology is the study of inpidual group human behavior. It explores the ways people interact with one another; in social groups, such as your sports teams; or in whole societies, such as America. Sociology also deals with the vital issues and important social problems we face in our world, with an eye toward the inpidual and his/her role in the society of the future. 

The content of this course will be explored in a variety of class activities and it serves as an excellent introduction to the social sciences; especially when teamed with the one semester Psychology course.

crim justice 2

Introduction to Criminal Justice

This is a one semester course.

This course will introduce the student to the criminal justice system and will provide a basis for understanding how and why our justice system operates as it does. It will include units on the following topics:

-Crime data and Crime Theories

-Criminal Trials and Sentencing

 -Juvenile Justice

-Wars on Crime

- Drugs, Gangs, Guns, and Terrorism

-New Technology in Law Enforcement and Crime Solving

Class discussions, media presentations, guest speakers, readings and inpidual/group projects will be the regular class activities.

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